Pretty Paws & Claws
licensed & insured

Katie Miller, owner of Pretty Paws & Claws, is now taking appointments for full service grooming and bathing at her new location. She has expanded, and now can also cater to those who need a U-wash.

Pretty Paws & Claws
8235 SE 13th #4 in Sellwood
Portland OR 97202

Call Katie for an appointment
971 533 5283

Hello, my name is Katie Miller and I have been grooming cats and dogs for nearly 6 years. I trained and received my grooming certificate at Betty’s grooming school in Cornelius, Oregon. Following my grooming education, I was employed in many grooming shops in the greater Portland area, gaining valuable experience. The thought of being the proprietor of own my own grooming shop has always a dream. A year ago, I started the ball rolling by grooming out of my home and increasing my clientele. In addition to grooming out of my home, I started to do nail trimming clinics at Sellwood Dog Supply & Cat Annex with great success. The increase in business got too big for my home, husband, two dogs, and two cats, so I set up shop in Sellwood Dog Supply. After a year of doing business inside Sellwood Dog Supply & Cat Annex, I have expanded into my own space and have added a U-wash to boot! I still do trim nails for $5 every other Saturday in Sellwood Dog Supply, so I will see you soon.
Thanks to all of my wonderful customers who have allowed me my dream of owning my own grooming and U-wash shop!
Katie Miller
Don’t forget her $5.00 nail trim clinics every other Saturday, from 12:00-3:00!!!
Skip, Zebu, & Yoda

Skip, Zebu, & Yoda

katie poodlekatie orange cat

Katie Miller with with her client Kaya

Katie Miller with with her client Kaya

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