As our customers become more sophisticated and knowledgeable, we find the trend is not only toward products made in the USA, but  more specific to the Pacific Northwest. Customers want to know where the ingredients and supplies are sourced and also who is making the products that their furry loved ones are consuming.

We would like to celebrate  the  local companies that we carry, and we feel it’s important to support the “buy local” movement along with other city and regional conservation programs.  Sellwood Dog Supply is certified by the City of Portland with the “Recycle at Work” program, and participates in the alternative energy program with Northwest Natural. Buying locally not only reduces the carbon footprint but supports lots of jobs. A lot of these local companies that we carry, buy their supplies and ingredients locally as well, carrying the benefits even further. Julia Grzywinski has started a Web site called Look for it Locally to help direct Portlanders to locally owned businesses within 350 miles of Portland. We would like to contribute to that idea in the pet world.

Portland vendors:

Bebop USA – Training harnesses, collars, and leads.
Cleanup Hand Cleaner CompanyBiozyme (the best cleaner)
Cycle Dog-recycled bicycle inner tube collars and leads.
Gold Paw Series-Waterproof coats, fleece coats, soft safety collars.
Molly Muriel-Awesome, all natural shampoo bar for dogs (Sellwood local).
MuttGearVir-chew-ly indestructible leads.
Nicole Crayne-Hand crafted leather leads and collars.
Northwest Naturals-Healthy raw diets for cats and dogs.
Snooks-Healthy sweet potato treats and holistic treatments.
Stams-Grain free treats. Real food, not junk food.
Top of the Food Chain-Killer vintage tie collars with hand dyed hemp.
Trellis Earth-Biodegradable poop bags
Woodin You-Durable steps and elevated feeders.

Local vendors beyond Portland:

Big Shrimpy-Durable and long lasting fleece and Ultrasuede beds.
Caddis Company-Beds.
Cat Man Doo-Delicious bonito flakes.
Etta Says-recycled rubber collars.
Proball Inc-Go-Furr, the slingshot action fetch ball.
Ruffwear-Active dogwear.
Sturdi Bag-Airline approved, flexible height pet carrier.

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