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Many of you may have known us through one incarnation or another, so naturally there is confusion. Here is the true story.

Gold Paw Series is the result of many years of twists and turns.

In 1999 we bought Big Sky Manufacturing, a twenty year old company that specialized in custom horse apparel. We opened a shop in Sheridan, Oregon. Naturally, we set out to create the best possible horsewear, but it was a tough business. However, many of our customers really wanted dogwear. The horse coats were wonderful, but not as wonderful as our dog coats turned out to be.

While we were in Sheridan, people kept bringing their dogs to us to be measured for a custom coat. We realized that with the actual measurements of so many dogs, we had the makings of an excellent fit. And we developed, through lengthy trial and error, several styles that the canine crowd loved to wear. At one point we had 35 sizes, but working further with the patterns has allowed us to fit virtually every dog with 13 sizes. We are prepared to outfit all dogs from teacup Chihuahuas (2″back) to Great Danes (33″back).

After leaving Sheridan we had a brief two year hitch at the coast in Pacific City, Oregon where we opened a store known as Beach Dog Supply. We were rapidly acquiring customers, and by then we knew that all the other dogs of the world wanted Gold Paw coats too. So we proceeded to create a retail store in Portland, Oregon called Sellwood Dog Supply.  We are committed to keeping a versatile  inventory ranging from nutrition and supplements to toys and treats.  We recently expanded our store and introduced The Cat Annex, were we strive to meet the needs of all our neighborhood furry friends.

We still have a sewing shop in our building, and we stand ready to assist with fitting problems. We want to thank all of our returning customers and  welcome our new ones to join us in the great adventure of living well with all of your pets.


Mary & Charlie Gibbs

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